The Grand Lodge of Greece, has been carrying out an important and diverse Charitable Work for a century. Comes to the aid of the unfortunate and suffering fellow human being, offering material assistance, Love and Moral Support.

Embraces and accompanies those who need help with absolute Respect, Understanding and Discretion.

The first link [CHARITABLE EVENTS] refers to the events organized by the Grand Lodge of Greece for charitable purposes, for charities or beneficiaries in need.

The second link [BLOOD DONATION - ORGAN DONATION] refers to the continuous blood donations organized by the Grand Lodge of Greece. The blood collected is available to the Hagia Sophia Children's Hospital. It also refers to the campaign for the donation of Tissues, Organs and bone marrow.

The third link [GRANTING SCHOLARSHIPS] refers to the scholarships awarded to exceptional students by the Grand Lodge of Greece.

Finally, the fourth link [CHARITY WORK] refers to the general charitable work that is carried out and divided into "Care for the Child", "Help to the Fellow Man" and "Strengthening Benevolent Institutions"