In this section, the visitor is presented with some information about the formation and operation of the Grand Lodge of Greece.

The first link [THE HISTORY OF THE GRAND LODGE OF GREECE] leads us to a brief history of Greek Freemasonry commencing from the establishment of the first Lodges that operated in enslaved Greece.

The second link [GRAND MASTERS] leads us to a complete list of the Grand Masters (Presidents) of the Grand Lodge of Greece to date.

Third link [MASONIC LODGES] leads us to a list of all Lodges operating today under the auspices of the Grand Lodge of Greece.

The Grand Lodge of Greece uses building facilities throughout Greece to house its activities. They include Libraries, Masonc Museums, Meeting Rooms, Dining Rooms etc. Thus, In the fourth link of this section [MASONIC HALLS] the visitor can view a selection of photos of various facilities.